For Tibetan Buddhism to flourish around the world, we need well trained teachers and practitioners coming from within our own local communities – both monastic and lay. This will bring a strength and depth to our practice that benefits us all. Your financial support is needed so we can enable nuns to live the Dharma lives they have made a heart commitment to.

Traditionally, when one joins a monastic community, the four basic requisites of food, clothing, dwelling and medicine are provided. With these basic needs met, a monastic can focus, whole heartedly, on their study and practice.

To date, this support is focused on traditional Himalayan communities.

The growth of monasticism beyond these communities is now in need of the same support and encouragement, so the Dharma can flourish wherever it has taken root in the world.


When foreigners ordain, they leave home in renunciation and begin a new life. From then on it’s not comfortable to live with one’s family and it’s awkward wearing the red robes in public; people look down on monastics for not working usual jobs. Rather than obtaining simpler, conducive conditions for Dharma practice through ordaining, the environment itself becomes an adverse condition to their aspirations for full time practice and study.

I truly believe it is greatly beneficial for society to support the sangha in their special commitment to the Dharma, and I hope and pray that there will be increasing support for the foreign sangha in Tibetan Buddhism.

- Wangdrak Rinpoche

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