Apply for Funds


(Please note: Funding is available on a once a year basis, and is
generally limited to grants of less than $5,000 per individual, and $10,000 or less to Dharma

Submit a full application before requesting funds.
The application should not exceed three pages and should include the following information:

1. Very brief statement (50 words or less) about what you are seeking funding for
2. Outline of the project/request and its goals
3. Description of how the project meets the guidelines of cultivating your Dharma practice an
sharing Dharma as a benefit in the world.
4. How goals or expected outcomes can be measured
5. Budget summary and amount requested
6. Agreement to write a short report (no more than 400 words) within three months of completion
of your project or retreat detailing how ANHN funding contributed to your Dharma practice and
the greater good . Signed agreement that this may be posted on the ANHN website as a
testimonial to the Dharma activities of ANHN nuns the Alliance is supporting.
7. Please sign the application (electronic signature OK) and provide the date and place of your
ordination and name of ordaining master

Send us an email with your application to complete the process.