We are an international, non-sectarian organization commited to supporting women ordained as Tibetan Buddhist nuns from outside traditional Tibetan Buddhist regions.

Our aim is to raise awareness and provide support for these nuns, in line with support given to their Himalayan dharma sisters, so they swiftly become exemplary models of the monastic life well lived and thus bring greatest benefit to their local communities across the world.

Do we need monastics in our modern world?

We are familiar with the story of Prince Siddhartha, born to a life of comfort, privilege and power. He did not want for anything and lived a content life until he encountered what are known as the four sights: sickness, old age, death and a renunciate. Realizing that sickness, old age and death  were inevitable for all beings the Prince was overwhelmed with sorrow. How could he simply live his life in idle comfort if these were the truth of life for all?

Without this fourth sight we are not offered this essential reminder – that we can be free of suffering and that there is a valid path to this freedom. It is as relevant today as it was in the time of the Buddha as it touches the very essence of the human condition – beyond time and culture.  We need these examples, wherever the dharma takes root.

We can follow the Buddhist teachings without becoming a monk or nun of course and we are not advocating that it is a path for everyone. But for those who do, lets provide them with the best possible chance to truly suceed in their wish to attain freedom for the benefit of all. In doing so, we are cultivating a precious resource within our communities.

My train arrived late on a Saturday night. The city was filled with party goers, singing on the streets. My robes stood out and I was nervous. One drunk man approached me – a happy drunk –  and shouted  at me

What the hell are you?

When I told him I was a Buddhist nun, he shouted again 

What the hell would you do that for?

I regretted stopping to speak and began to walk away.

He stopped me from leaving, became quiet and with hands at his heart,

bowed deeply, then looked into my eyes and said

On behalf of all of us, I just want to say thank you.

Why must we all experience birth, aging, sickness and death?

While these questions burned within him,

it was not until Prince Siddhartha encountered the fourth sight, a renunciate, that he understood there was a path beyond this suffering.

The encounter sparked the Prince to leave home, seeking freedom.

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